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IMPORTANT: In-Person Ride Participants - ONLY you and your horses are allowed on the trails at GMHA.

Virtual "Ride What You Want" participants, this is all Non-Horseback Riders (ie cyclists), you must ride elsewhere.
BIG NEWS: Attn Cyclists and other Non-Horseback Riders, you are invited to Ride with us in 2023! Register as an individual, form a team, or join a team, and “Ride What You Want” (wherever you want) as a Virtual Adult or Virtual Youth (ages 12-17). We thank you for riding in support Susan G. Komen. Click here for more virtual riding information.
Any in-person rider registering on Ride Day, Monday, Oct. 9, MUST provide evidence of rabies shot and a negative Coggins test for their horse, sign the GMHA waiver, as well as be prepared to donate the minimum fundraising amount (Adults $150/ Youth 12-17 yrs. $75).