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Fundraiser Tools

Perhaps you want a little more information about DIY or maybe you have already decided what type of fundraiser you are going to host. Now it's time to plan. Below are a few resources that share more about DIY Fundraising and what you can do to help kickstart your planning & fundraising efforts.

Below you will find editable and/or downloadable tools to help you promote your fundraiser no matter how or where you're hosting. But before you start editing and downloading, consider creating a QR code for your promotion materials.

Add QR codes to your fundraiser promotion, so supporters scan the code you create, it will take them directly to the website you direct them to…like your fundraising page! QR codes are easy to use, reduce printing costs, and help maximize your fundraising efforts.

Some ideas to add a QR Code to:
Social media
Be creative!
How to create a QR code

It is easier to create a QR code from a desktop computer. It will make navigating between two websites more manageable

  1. Copy your personal URL from your Fundraising Center.
  2. Go to: in a new web browser.
    (Note: There are many free QR code generator websites, feel free to the one that works for you.)
  3. The QR code will generate automatically. Click the green DOWNLOAD.JPG button and save the file to your computer.
  4. Insert your QR Code to all your fundraising event materials.

Congrats! Now it’s even easier for everyone to make donations on your fundraising page.

Social Media:

Social media is a quick and easy way to ask your network for donations and promote your fundraiser. Below are a few tips and ideas for posting about your fundraising efforts. Frequency

Post to your social media channels a minimum of 3x’s per week. Announce your participation in a DIY fundraiser, share how breast cancer has impacted you personally , and use the shareable graphics below to recruit support AND educate about the impact each donation can make.

Suggested Channels
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok!

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DIY Hashtag

NEW! Use #komenfundraise and you could see your pictures right on our main site at!

DIY Fundraisers are welcome to use our special Komen Fundraising logos. That being said, fundraisers should not use the original Susan G. Komen logo or the Running Ribbon on event materials other than those provided to you by Komen. For more information, please email us at

Recognizing your supporters and participants can go a long way. We have Komen branded apparel, outerwear, accessories, gifts, and more available for purchase available at:

Shop apparel and gifts that give back to Komen 100%.

Below are links to additional ways to celebrate.

We have endless resources available at Here are a few commonly used documents:

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