Fundraising Resources

Choose a fundraising idea that’s FUN. If you’re new to fundraising, welcome! Here are some of our favorite tips to keep in mind. If you need more help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

  1. Establish your “why” and share it. Why are you participating? What is your personal connection to breast cancer? Are you participating in honor or memory of someone special? What change are you trying to create? What is your fundraising goal?
  2. Rally toward a goal. Friends and family are more likely to give if they see they’re helping you to achieve a goal. Also, once you reach that goal, you can always raise it!
  3. Donate to your own page. People who donate to their own fundraising efforts first raise more than those who don’t. Show your donors you care by making the first donation!
  4. Connect with Facebook. Once you register, log into your Fundraising Center and connect your account with your Facebook page. It’s a super easy way to connect your fundraising page with your Facebook friends and watch the dollars roll in.
  5. Share about our mission to END breast cancer. When you raise money for Susan G. Komen, you help us accelerate breakthroughs for the most aggressive and deadly breast cancers, as well as provide resources and support for people living with breast cancer and their families. We have some great information about Susan G. Komen in your fundraising participant center to help.
  6. Say thank you. Be sure to say thank you to all of your donors. It can be on social media, text or email, just be sure to say thanks.
  7. Need more ideas or social media tools? Check out our full suite of resources HERE!

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