The Denver BigWigs are competing to be named the BiggestWig by being the largest fundraiser. When you make a donation by March 31, 2024 to one of our BigWigs, you are making a difference for breast cancer patients everywhere and helping to ensure Susan G. Komen® can meet our communities’ most critical needs by investing in breakthrough research to help patients live better, longer lives.
$12,569.51 RAISED 42%ACHIEVED $30,000.00OUR GOAL

Join our Fight. Save Lives.

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Lucas Gilbreath
3% of Goal
$159.01 Raised
George Moore
111% of Goal
$5,539.40 Raised
Shauna Rusovick
35% of Goal
$1,756.10 Raised
B.J. Schaknowski
102% of Goal
$5,115.00 Raised


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