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Why do we fight against breast cancer?

Many of us know someone who is currently fighting breast cancer or has lost a loved one to it, and we don't want to lose anyone else to this horrible disease.

Why Susan G. Komen?

While doctors and scientists work tirelessly to discover a cure for cancer, there is already one thing we can do to save countless lives: we can bring the current standard of care to everyone that needs it.  Thousands of women die from breast cancer because they don’t have access to the medical care they need, but the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation ( is trying to change that.

Please join us on October 14.

Whether you join in solidarity for someone who is currently fighting or is a survivor of the disease, or to memorialize someone who has died from breast cancer, yet you don’t want to give up and you don’t want to lose anyone else, please join us in this fight against breast cancer.

Join the Pink Palmer Trinity Susan G. Komen Walk Team here:

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We're all in and we need you with us.

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