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Hi – my name is Neeya Martin. I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister and an aunt! And by the Grace of God, I am a breast cancer survivor. My journey as a Pink Sister started in 2019 with an itch on my right side. And after doing a check at home, feeling something that caused concern to me. I went to my PCP, who didn’t immediately agree there was anything to be concerned about. I got scared and upset, feeling like my PCP wasn’t listening. And through tears I explained that I disagreed. Thankfully, my PCP referred me to a Breast Care Center to see a surgeon. The surgeon did not immediately feel much and suggested that I not worry but put in a request for a diagnostic mammogram. I went for that appointment and ended up having a biopsy. And in those results, my journey began. Several appointments, 2 surgeries, treatment sessions and countless conversations with what I call my dream team of doctors – HERE I AM. Standing, fighting and praying that a cure is found! The road has not always been easy, and I don’t think I will ever emotionally or mentally be the same person. I’ve had moments when nothing was clear to me and then moments when all was good. But what I can share about my entire journey is that God blessed me with an amazing support system. It wasn’t just me at appointments, but my whole crew would be waiting for me to come out. Always with a smile, I knew they would be there. Sometimes it would not even be words, just there. They kept me going in those times that I couldn’t pull myself together. Now, I am eager to share with everyone that we must advocate for ourselves. We know our body better than anyone else. And if sharing my story, can help someone else – I say prepare to be sick of me, because I will share away! So, I am walking for all of us. For affordable medical options, for a cure and especially for those that may not be able to. When I think of all the people cancer has impacted, it’s hard. Young or old, I never thought it would be me but by the GRACE of GOD, I am a breast cancer survivor. Standing, fighting and praying! HERE I AM!

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