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My breast cancer story began with a routine mammogram in February, 2021.  Within a few weeks, I learned that I had invasive ductal-triple negative breast cancer.  Throughout the journey, I’ve had all the normal ups and downs of other cancer patients; some good news, some not-so-good news; some mountain top experiences and a few valleys (even an occasional flood!).  Though I’m nearing the end of my treatment period and doing great, I still recall one of the first things my oncologist said to me.  He said, “The treatment you receive today is even better than what you would have received even ten years ago, and your prognosis is so much better”.  That proves is that research is VITAL in the fight against breast cancer.  For this reason, I’ve decided to participate in the Race for the Cure and hope to play a very small part in helping others who will be touched by cancer. 

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in the U.S. by 2026

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