Walkers For Knockers

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Walkers for Knockers! 

Yes a silly name considering I only have one breast. 

How did I get here? That’s a question I have asked myself. I’m Angie and I am captain of this team. This walk means a lot for my family/team. We have had family members who have been impacted by breast cancer whether they were diagnosed or a caregiver.

Two yrs ago I became part of the statistic. October 29 2021 I read the words “I’m sorry to tell you we found cancer.” I was angry shocked and embarrassed. Then I went into fight mode. I was told I was special because I had 2 different types in my left breast, invasive ductal carcinoma and inflammatory breast cancer. I went through a lot to be able to be here. In February 2023 I was told I am NED, no evidence of disease. That doesn’t mean I have stopped treatment. I am still on chemo, but take it at home. I also have monthly Dr appointments to take a special shot . I saw this walk and it called to me, since it is on the anniversary of my diagnosis.

The money raised will fund research to discover more effective treatments, as well as vital patient support to help connect people with things like breast cancer screenings, diagnostics, treatment assistance and so much more.

We're stronger together.  United as ONE, we can support those who need help today, while fearlessly searching for tomorrow's cures.

Please join us in this fight by making your ONE donation today?

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We're all in and we need you with us.

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