Going H.A.M.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is drawing near! In connection with the “More Than Pink Walk” theme, it was befitting to share my story to give support and awareness to a community impacted by this disease. My grandmother and mother suffered from this illness, and over a year ago, I too, succumbed to this disease. I knew immediately that I wanted to inspire a community of newly diagnosed survivors affected by this illness due to my own personal experience of trudging in unfamiliar chartered waters.

Since my inception, I have been proactively working to encourage others with preventive information and assistance to combat this deadly disease. Resourceful information such as yearly mammogram screenings, participating in healthy activities, active mentorship, and becoming part of a support group is advantageous while afflicted with this ailment.

Join me as I transform from the fear of the unknown to cultivating a renaissance mindset of F.E.A.R. (Feeling Excited and Ready) to share.

Much Love,


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