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In the year 2017, following a personal struggle with addiction, I discovered the world of Cannabis and CBD. I was astounded by how it greatly aided those who relied on painkillers. Later, I realized that many of these same individuals were ordinary people whose lives were drastically changed by the advent of the Big "C" - as we commonly know, cancer. These people were being administered the same painkillers I had been using while simultaneously fighting cancer and the side-effects of chemotherapy. This realization sparked a desire within me to make a difference, which led me to establish Dr. CBD. I came to understand the broad range of benefits it brought, extending far beyond the realm of those affected by cancer. I invite you to visit www.rxdrcbd.com or reach out to me directly via rudy@rxdrcbd.com to hear my story - a tale of persistence and resilience. A SPECIAL NOTE TO MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY - I have an exclusive offer detailed below: For those who donate more than $100.00 to our team's page, a special Susan G. Komen Walk T-Shirt will be yours, dispatched directly from them. Furthermore, an additional donation of $25 allows you to pick any product of your choice from Dr. CBD's line, which we'll ship directly to your doorstep.

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