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What does FABs STAFC stand for? 

FABs means Flat as boards Seattle! STAFC means Stand Tall Aesthetic Flat Closure and is an organization that brings awareness to the Aesthetic Flat closure procedure as a reconstruction option. STAFC also helps with body positivity after mastectomy. What is an Aesthetic Flat closure? According to the National Cancer Institute.gov "An aesthetic flat closure may also be done after removal of a breast implant that was used to restore breast shape. During an aesthetic flat closure, extra skin, fat, and other tissue in the breast area are removed. The remaining tissue is then tightened and smoothed out so that the chest wall appears flat." But you don't have to have implants to have an AFC! Many people have other types of reconstruction that requires surgical removal of flaps of skin to form breasts or have implants placed, but are not given or educated on the option of AFC. We are bringing awareness to this reconstruction option and say Go Flat!

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