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Walker Recognition

Every fundraising goal this community hits brings us all closer to preventing and ending breast cancer. 2023 Komen Georgia MORE THAN PINK Walk is so grateful for the dedication of each fundraiser and donor. We want to thank our participants by celebrating every fundraising success and milestone.

At the MORE THAN PINK Walk, we celebrate you and give recognition:

Whether you're a survivor, living with metastatic breast cancer, a co-survivor or supporter, we will give you the opportunity to share and connect with others in our community.

If you fundraised for MORE THAN PINK Walk, we want to celebrate you and your passion for inspiring this community to give. And all participants who raise at least $1000 are recognized as a Top Fundraiser.

We're inspired by the determination of our top fundraising teams! On walk day, we will show our gratitude to our teams who raise at least $2500 with special recognitions.

When you work hard to raise money for Susan G. Komen, we want to thank you with some cool swag to show off your Komen pride! After the event, you will be eligible to receive one of the recognition items at or below your final fundraising level.

  • Raise: $100+

    5 weeks before the event, and get this magnet trio

  • Raise: $250

    Susan G. Komen Waist Bag

  • Raise: $500

    PopSockets® Enamel PopGrip

  • Raise: $1,000

    Beach Towel

  • Raise: $2,500

    Thermal Hoodie

  • Raise: $5,000

    Nomad Duffel Bag

The earlier you join, the more time you have to fundraise!

From the moment you sign up for the MORE THAN PINK Walk, up until four weeks after the walk, every dollar you raise gets us closer to a world without the threat of breast cancer.