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Describing the past year as a whirlwind would be a gross understatement. Never could I have imagined that time would come to a halt, but that's exactly how it felt on the day I received my diagnosis. I was bombarded with a barrage of unfamiliar words and acronyms, leaving me bewildered. However, my doctor assured me that we had caught it early. Still, breast cancer?!?! I was utterly unprepared for that revelation and the challenges that lay ahead.

I find myself profoundly thankful for modern medicine, for the security of health insurance, and for the unwavering support of my family and friends. Their love and encouragement have been a lifeline through this journey, and I'm deeply grateful to have emerged on the other side.

This experience has gifted me with a newfound perspective on life, emphasizing its preciousness. Above all else, it has compelled me to slow down, savor life's beauty, embrace my children with extra hugs, embark on leisurely walks, and become an advocate for others facing similar battles.

I walk now as a survivor, carrying the torch of hope for my mother-in-law, Joy, who continues to undergo treatments. I walk in honor of my friend, Pamela, who has been my unwavering support and cheerleader. Most importantly, I walk for the one in eight women who will confront the daunting reality of breast cancer.

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