Memorial Fundraiser

Bob Guttenberg

Friends and supporters of the Susan G. Komen foundation, today we honor Bob Guttenberg, a man whose quiet strength and dedication was a beacon for many. A wonderful husband to his devoted wife, Arlene, a cherished father to Mitchel and Jodi, and an adoring grandfather, Bob’s legacy is rich with love, support, and commitment.

While Arlene was a very active member of the Pink Ribbons of Marlboro Greens, Bob was the unwavering support behind her, always by her side.

Beyond his support for the cause, Bob's role as a loving husband, father, and grandfather stood as a testament to his character. He loved deeply and was deeply loved in return. His family was his pride, and his dedication to them was evident in every gesture, every word.

As we remember Bob today and always, let's celebrate the profound impact he had both within his family and in the broader community through his steadfast support of a cause close to his heart.

Bob Guttenberg, your legacy as a loving family man and a steadfast supporter will forever be etched in our hearts.

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