DIY Company Fundraiser 2023

Sojern Gives Back - 2023

Did you know there are more than 2.3 million cases of breast cancer that occur globally each year, which makes it the most common cancer among adults?! In 95% of countries, breast cancer is either the first or second leading cause of female cancer deaths. Many of us at Sojern have a tie to breast cancer…this could be a personal experience, an experience of a friend or coworker, or an experience of a family member. 

We want to make an impact in the global fight against breast cancer so SGB, SoFit, and the Workplace Experience team have partnered with the world’s largest breast cancer organization - Susan G. Komen. Starting September 1, we will kick off a donation drive to the Komen Foundation. 

Sojernistas who donate $20 or more before September 15th are eligible to receive a pink SGB Breast Cancer awareness shirt. With this shirt, you can help shine the light on breast cancer -- prevention, research, and care, each time you wear it! To top it off, Noreen Henry, Preeya Patel, and Jen Eagan are also rallying around the cause, collectively matching Sojernista donations, dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000! 

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