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Sisters Tri'n for a Cure

We have already raised $70,709. Help us raise the remaining $69,891 to reach our ultimate goal of $140,600!

Thank you to everyone who has already donated! 

A comprehensive list of all our amazing donors can be found at the bottom of the page.

Two Sisters.........................................

Two Survivors.....................................

Two Triathletes..................................

Ironman Arizona Nov 20th 2011, Completed!

Ironman Cozumel Nov 25th 2012., Completed!

Ironman Boulder Aug 3, 2014, Completed!

Ironman Des Moines 70.3 June 20, 2021, Completed!

Ironman Des Moines June 12, 2022 - Not the day either of us hoped for but a good day none the less!

Next Up:   Anne - Ironman Boulder 70.3 June 10, 2023 &

Tess - Ironman Mont Tremblant Aug 20, 2023

140.6 Miles .................140.6 Thousand Dollars..................

Follow our journey and join us in our quest to raise some $ to fund a cure for breast cancer!

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Tess and Anne story update, March 2023:
Wow, it's been a long time since we wrote these stories in 2011 and so much has happened in the years since then!
Following Ironman Cozumel 2012, Tess intentionally took time away from triathlon to see her children through high school and into college, including making it a priority to be at as many of their golf meets as humanly possible.
Anne trained for and completed Ironman Boulder in 2014, then also took time off from long-distance racing to concentrate on her son and husband, eventually becoming the primary caregiver for her husband.
After the death of our Dad in 2019 we decided it was time to re-enter the Ironman scene and registered for Ironman Des Moines 70.3 which was to take place on Father's Day 2020. That race did not happen for anyone. 2021 was another story and many of us returned to racing that year. We finished Ironman Des Moines 70.3 on June 20, 2021 in honor of our Dad. We had definitely caught the Ironman bug again and trained for Ironman Des Moines 2022. It was a tough year for Anne following the death of her husband in August 2021 and training provided a release and purpose for her. Unfortunately finishing the race was not to be. Tess had Pneumonia just 2 weeks before the race and Anne had a knee injury that made finishing the run unlikely for her. We made it through the 2.4-mile swim in great time and nearly 3/4 of the 112-mile bike before deciding it was not the day we had hoped for and pulled out.
We have regrouped and are both training for races this year. Watch out Ironman Mont Tremblant Canada, here comes Tess! Anne has Ironman Boulder 70.3 in her sights with a couple of other Colorado races on her radar in September.
We continue in our commitment to raising funds for Susan G Komen toward curing cancer in this world of ours!


Tess’ Story (2011)

You are an Ironman! I first heard those words in Nov 06 after Rich and I shared the unbelievable experience of training for and completing Ironman Florida. IM Triathlon is a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run - 140.6 miles. It was an amazing journey and at the time I was unsure if my future would entail any more IM events. Since then I have been fortunate enough to complete 3 additional IM events. There have been bumps along the road, but isn’t that the way life is? I wouldn’t change a thing as I have an incredibly wonderful and fulfilling life. Currently my sister Anne and I are training for IM AZ Nov ’11. This chapter of my story gives some insight into one of the aforementioned bumps in the road. Following IM FL‘06 I was bitten by the IM bug. As the only way to register for IM is to sign up a year in advance, I jumped at the chance to sign up for IM AZ when they decided to change the race from spring to fall. Plus, as long as I was going to be in shape to do an IM in Nov, I might as well follow that up with one in June. Coeur de Alene ‘09 was now on my calendar. While in the throes of training, I was rudely interrupted by being diagnosed with breast cancer in Sept.08! How in the world was this possible? I was in the best shape of my life and I had cancer? I’m out riding hundred mile training rides, swimming endless laps in the pool, running better than ever, but that didn’t seem to be enough to keep me healthy. I had about 2 months until IM AZ, how was all of that going to shake out? A lumpectomy removed the tumor in Oct-not much training time was lost. After surgery, it was clear that it was in my best interest to undergo Chemotherapy followed by Radiation Therapy. After a lot of soul searching, research and heart to hearts with my oncologist and family, I felt the need to honor my training and participate in IM AZ. Training kept me strong and I went into Chemo on an adrenaline high. The race was on a Sun, Mon was spent as a family enjoying the wonderful AZ weather. Tues we flew home to face the reality of Wed. Wed morning found me in MGMC before the dawn. I went into surgery to have a port put in my chest for easier chemo treatments. My first treatment followed that afternoon. Thurs was Thanksgiving-I have so much to be Thankful for. Thanksgiving to Valentines Day found me cycling through the highs and lows of chemo rather than bi- cycling. I continued to train as much as I could. However, walking Rocky was the most I could muster on some days. What great motivators and confidants pets are. No one mentioned the pending Coeur de Alene event. I kept it in my heart motivating me, but had to wait to see how the chemo and rads would affect me. The real shocker came one evening in April- Rich was watching TV and I was in bed with a tri mag. Rich yelled for me to come downstairs and we watched in disbelief as my name scrolled on the screen as a lottery winner to participate in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI in Oct. Talk about hitting the jackpot. This is every triathlete’s dream come true and surely my consolation prize for having to go through the cancer scare. A fairy tale come true in the world of triathlon. Words can’t describe the race in HI or ever do it justice; you just have to witness it. Being there as a part of the mystique and being able to share it with “Team Tess” was over the top. I’ve watched all the IM World Championship videos countless times, and to be a part of that race was a gift I will never forget. It was difficult to focus on the challenge of IM CDA with out getting caught up in the pending Kona adventure. I wouldn’t recommend competing in 3 IM events in 11 months to anyone. However, I believe that focusing on and training for IM was one of the major factors in bringing me through my cancer treatments strong of mind, body and spirit. Along the way, my sister Anne caught the tri bug. How incredibly rewarding to be able to give advice to and cheer for someone who is just beginning in the sport. As Anne progressed and added longer distance events to her resume I let her know that once she was ready to step up to the IM distance, I’d do her first one with her. That’s where we were during the summer and fall of 2010, trying to decide which race would be ours. Then the unthinkable, Anne called with the news that she too had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Our cancers were similar, but not exactly the same. We both had genetic testing that came back negative, so we’re just part of the statistical crap shoot of 1 in 6 women. Here we are, Anne and I, we are: wives, mother’s daughters, nieces, aunts, but most importantly in this chapter of our story, We are sisters, we are survivors, we are trathletes. Follow us, support us, be inspired by us. We are here for you and your loved ones, Tri’n For A Cure!

Anne’s Story (2011)

My name is Anne Ruybal; Tess (Teresa) Balsley is my sister. Unlike her, I have never considered myself to be an “athlete”. I have not been involved in any type of organized or competitive sport since high school, Oh so many (34) years ago! I have occasionally hopped on the fitness bandwagon and decided to run a little (no more than 5 miles at once) or mountain bike a little (no more than 15 miles at once). My husband Joe and I used to hit the trails weekends as he biked and I roller-bladed; one day we actually did this for 35 miles! That was a long time ago though. In November of 2006 Tess and her husband Rich completed their 1st Ironman in Florida. We watched almost spellbound on the Internet as countless people crossed the finish line of that event; we cheered as we saw Rich then Tess cross, and I got a strange and unexpected choked up and teary feeling. I also thought exercising for 14 hours non-stop was out of the realm of my imagination or physical abilities. Yet something in me was intrigued.

After that I biked and ran a little more consistently. Life and work went on. Then my sister got breast cancer in the fall of 2008. She had surgery. That November we watched the Internet stream of Ironman Arizona as she crossed the finish line. The next week she started chemotherapy, and later radiation therapy. Through it all she continued to swim, bike, run, work, be a wife and mother, and live her life to the fullest. In January of 2009 I decided that if she could train for an Ironman despite all she was going through I should get off my 49 year-old duff and do something about that triathlon curiosity inside myself. I had my swim analyzed and got some pointers, then started swimming 2-3 times a week. I had my run analyzed and got some real running shoes, then started running (well more like walk/jogging) 2-3 times a week. I also got a road bike and rode it regularly. I completed my first triathlon in May. It was just a Sprint race consisting of a 750 meter swim, 20K bike and 5K run, and I finished it! When I finished I felt an elation that was indescribable, and was hooked. In June we watched online as Tess crossed the finish line at the Coeur d’Alene Ironman. Again I felt that well of emotion as I watched so many people of all ages finish the race. Later that month I finished my first Olympic distance triathlon. Before the race Tess observed that she was surprised that I’d decided to become an athlete at this stage of my life. Funny because she was my motivation and inspiration to do it. Later that year we travelled to Hawaii and got to watch in person as Tess finished the Ironman World Championship in Kona what a great and inspiring experience that was!

I recently read that you officially become a triathlete the moment you cross the finish line of your first multisport event. I’ve now finished 6 triathlons so I guess I really AM an athlete! So now that I am, why not go for the gusto and train for a full Ironman??

Last fall after completing my 2nd half-Ironman distance race, once again I followed my sister’s path this time with breast cancer. By the Mercy and Grace of God it was found early and by the end of 2010, after surgery and radiation therapy, that bump in my road of life was behind me. Tess and I decided to sign up for an Ironman event to do together and we chose Ironman Arizona 2011. Now for some serious increased training so hopefully I will finish the race with other mortal age-groupers well within the required 17 hours! Yet for me it’s about so much more than the race. We have been surrounded by the love, support and prayers of family and friends. We have been blessed to survive cancer and now it’s our turn to pay it forward by fundraising to help the Susan G. Komen For the Cure fund a cure for breast cancer. Through it all we plan to share our experiences as we prepare for this race.

So I echo my sister in urging you to follow us, support us, be inspired by us. We are here for you and your loved ones, Tri’n For A Cure!

We are so very grateful to all our amazing donors who made the first $70,709 possible:

Dk Plastics $16,529

Ms. Teresa 'Tess' Balsley $8,665

Anne Ruybal $6,088

Teresa Balsley $4,282

Gregory Baustian $4,218

Mrs. Anne 'Zackery' Ruybal $4,125

DK Plastics $2,000

Joseph Ruybal $1,620

Jennifer Puvogel $1,406

Teresa Balsley $1,300

Donald Baustian $1,287

Tess Balsley $1,266

DK Plastics $1,000

Teresa Balsley $950

Tess Balsley $913

Donald Baustian $725

Donald Baustian $562

Scott De Kok $500

Scott De Kok $500

Venita Currie $479

Mary Smith $400

Gary Pon $300

Mary Smith $300

John Brayton $250

Teresa Balsley $242

Mrs. Sarah Robbins $208

Jennifer Puvogel $208

Venita Currie $204

William Beachy $200

Jane Puvogel $200

Sarah Robbins $200

Jane Brogger $200

Emmi Miller $150

Fran Berry $150

Door and Fence Store $150

Lea Bartley $140

Anne Ruybal $130

Darla Newton $112

Dorin Gildermaster $105

Venita Currie $104

Taffy Lartius $102

Stephanie Lartius $101

Edward MacBurney $100

Lynn K'Lynn $100

Michael Reese $100

Cecelia Muir $100

Debra Magures $100

Yvette Byrd $100

Barbara Calvin $100

Barbara Esposito $100

Sarah Robbins $100

jacqueline Maldonado $100

Billie Houck $100

Carolyn Dembczynski $100

Phil Taylor $100

Derek Balsley $100

Craig Marrs $100

Dave Mullenax $100

Mary Kay Steele $100

George Eichacker $100

Margaret Dye $100

Maxine Clippert $100

David Hoffman $100

Basil Lancaster $100

Tom Brayton $100

Keith Stamp $100

Steph & Raj Lartius $100

Mary Smith $100

Sherry Driscoll $100

Robert Ladehoff $100

Bette Stailey $100

Taffy & Raj Lartius $100

Ames Golf & Country Club $100

Dawn Felicissimo $100

Jarek Barc $100

Missy Carlisle $100

Carol Hoiberg $100

Myra Tunwall $80

Tammie Sawicki $80

Vonda Williams $75

June Morris $75

Suzanne Mitchell $65

Stephanie Fox $60

Dean & Tonya McCormick $60

K'Lynn Lynn $60

Mrs. Fran Berry $52

Diane Hunter $51

Susan Masters $50

Kathy Lundy $50

Judy Boyles $50

Penny Montgomery $50

Mary Smith $50

Duane Reeves $50

Judy Thompson $50

Nadine Huiskamp $50

Carol Shanahan $50

Michelle Mena $50

Melody Steinert $50

Dennis Riordan $50

Stacy Joiner $50

Mary Finch $50

Stephanie Fox $50

John & Darla Newton $50

Anne Fulk $50

John Rago $50

Karen Nettleton $50

Shelly Lynch $50

Timothy Gundlach $50

Liston Smith $50

Chris Seaboch $50

Darrell Adams $50

Wilton Hutcheson $50

April Burns $50

Anne Ruybal $50

Jean Anderson $50

Dan Morrical $50

John Norlin $50

Judy Wells $50

Kathy Lundy $50

Jill & John Roehrick $50

Michael Neiss $50

K'Lynn Lynn $50

Farner-Bocken Company $50

Sara Tibby $50

Doug Lambert $50

Jarrett Enevold $50

Wayne Landgraff $50

Fenner Nale $50

Frances Ryan $50

K. Kisling $50

Marilyn Thompson $50

William Stringfellow $50

Glen Houghton $50

Helenn Franzgrote $50

Ann Rudi $50

Debbie Woods $45

Carrie Niemiste Stovall $41

Linda Baustian $40

M. Allemeier $40

Kirk Geist $40

Charles Riordan $40

Vonda Muncy $40

Kathryn Hossley $40

Ronald Brockman $35

Wynne Landgraf $30

Tara Vargish $30

Wynne Landgraf $30

Raymond Goeke $30

Anonymous $30

Chanyn Bird $25

Joan Piscitello $25

Melissa Murphy $25

Margie Johnson $25

Nicole Burleson $25

Cindy Ellett $25

Thomas Gwinn $25

Cynthia Lucero $25

Julie Riesselman $25

Lucille Taylor $25

Brice Davis $25

J. Nervig $25

Isabel Reinert $25

Episcopal Church Women $25

Janet McMahon $25

Cherie Bohning $25

Michele Hemming $25

Marysue Connelly $25

Kathryn O'Neal $25

Brad Dye $25

Ron Hill $25

Paula Fleming $25

Dianne Tobias $25

Joseph Boyle $25

Sandra Bower $25

Joan Logan $25

Jerilynn Klaver $25

Gina Holtzbauer $25

Demetrios Meletiou $25

Keri Kain $25

Cindy Ellett $25

Sam Teague $20

E. Daskalos $20

Natalie Kepley $20

Carol Eddy $20

Michelle Adams $20

John Chrischilles $20

Robert Dowling $20

Robert Wilson $20

Kerry Dixon-Fox $20

M. McClure $20

Julianne Flory $16

Mary Wolter $10

Merry Rankin $10

Cecelia Muir $10

Martha McAllister $10

John Saiz $10

Darrell Webb $10

Kristin Pruismann $8

Anne Ruybal $5


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