Memorial Fundraiser

Danna Sanders

In Loving Memory of Danna Sanders

Thank you to everyone who was part of Danna's journey, providing so much hopeful, positive support and love over the years.
Danna died peacefully at home, surrounded by loving family, on Sunday, October 29th, 2023.
A message Danna shared about her breast cancer journey in October 2022:
"I have had breast cancer twice, different occurrences, and then last year it spread to my body.

Some take away‘s I want to share…
- Do your self exams, they may catch it before tests do.
- Visually pay attention to your breasts, skin changes can give important clues.
- Keep your appointments and please don’t delay! There are many different tests along the way that can provide nuanced and early info.
- Think about getting involved. Breast cancer treatment is making tremendous strides due to increased awareness and funding. For example a genetic test for 29 genes has only become available in the last few years, and gave me important new information. Also brand new lifesaving medication‘s are coming out frequently.
- If you are in the middle of this, or it is in your future… you will endure AND thrive.
- Live life well today! Stop kicking the can down the road. Decide who and what you love and make that your priority. "

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