Dallas Pink Tie Guys

Susan G. KomenŽ Pink Tie Guys are ambassadors and advocates who make a difference for breast cancer patients everywhere and help ensure Komen can meet our communities’ most critical needs by investing in breakthrough research to help patients live better, longer lives.

Pink Tie Guys work to mobilize, energize and engage individuals and groups in the breast cancer movement. Pink Tie Guys share personal stories that show how men’s lives are touched by breast cancer, while supporting Komen’s advocacy work to help people affected by breast cancer and investments in lifesaving research.
Join this group of dedicated people who come together to raise funds to support Komen’s mission.

$53,963.95 RAISED 90%ACHIEVED $60,000.00OUR GOAL

Join our Fight. Save Lives.

Click on your favorite Pink Tie Guy below to make a donation to support their campaign.

Comet Rich
0% of Goal
$10.30 Raised
Roderick Braden
114% of Goal
$3,416.20 Raised
Mark Bradford
74% of Goal
$737.10 Raised
Jayson Childress
82% of Goal
$817.25 Raised
Michael Daley
125% of Goal
$1,253.02 Raised
William Garrison
78% of Goal
$1,564.91 Raised
Clarence Hill
89% of Goal
$5,801.90 Raised
Eric Hoyle
92% of Goal
$23,099.38 Raised
Monte Jolley
102% of Goal
$4,078.19 Raised
Anthony Kyles
73% of Goal
$1,454.25 Raised
Michael Leone
132% of Goal
$330.10 Raised
Alvaro Luque
132% of Goal
$3,963.75 Raised
Ron Perry
104% of Goal
$3,656.95 Raised
Derek Plate
66% of Goal
$1,314.20 Raised
Busting Breast Cancer Brigade
47% of Goal
$1,401.45 Raised
Aaron Taves
107% of Goal
$1,065.00 Raised


Do you have questions about making a donation? Contact Sofia Olivarez.

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