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About Passionately Pink®?

passionately pink pinIf you like having fun and supporting a great cause, Passionately Pink is for you! It’s as easy as planning something fun, inviting others to join you and raising money to fight breast cancer.

You have the freedom to choose what you do (find lots of great ideas here on our Web site). You also choose whatever date you want and how much money you want to raise to support     Susan G. Komen in the fight to end breast cancer forever!

You’ll find everything you need to get started in our Downloadable Support Materials, from posters to sample e-mails to breast health information.

Don’t wait – go Passionately Pink today!

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Republic of Tea

Republic of Tea went Passionately Pink® by hosting a Pink Day for
their employees, including pink tea, pink
clothes and even pets dressed in pink.

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