Get Inspired for Passionately Pink!


Team Captains tell their stories about why they went Passionately Pink. 

"I do it for my mom, my best friend, my wife - that's why we went Passionately Pink!"


Want to see Passionately Pink fundraisers who are making big and bold impacts in their communities? Our Passionately Pink video features a handful of the thousands of teams that register each year, and thanks to them we're closer to a world without breast cancer.

Listen to these inspiring stories and help us turn breast cancer awareness into breast cancer action! Passionately Pink for the Cure today!

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Meet our Passionately Pink Video Participants!

BSP 2.JPG A "Town" of Pink - The ladies of Douglas, GA got their whole county to raise over $34,000 by holding community events. Talk about turning a town pink!

Daniel 2.JPG ATL to the Arctic  - Meet Daniel Palazzolo, who rode his motorcycle from Atlanta, GA to the Arctic Circle and back in honor of his sister Kris who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.

Jessica and Mom 3.JPG Jessica Suddleson  - This inspirational 12-year-old turned her mitzvah project pink by creating one-of-a-kind jewlery and fashion tchotchkes.

pp_iaff_community_thmb.jpg International Association of Fire Fighters - These firefighters are making it even hotter by hosting events all over the country in support of breast cancer awareness.

Bimbo Bakeries 4.JPG Bimbo Bakeries- As part of the Susan G. Komen Corporate Family, Mrs. Baird's of Bimbo Bakeries held employee awareness and fundraising events.