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Big Game Fundraisers

There are so many ways to go Passionately Pink®! To find some fun ideas, choose the option below that describes how you might want to GO PINK.

Football Bingo

Make up your own bingo cards words, such as "punt" or "field goal."  Guests mark their cards each time the announcers say the words.

Football Score Card

Set up a challenge for the scores at the end of each quarter and final score of the game. Write numbers 0-9 vertically and horizontally along the side of a 10x10 grid, with the name of the teams along the edge. Each person donates $1 to put their initals in a box (or several boxes) inside the grid. Initials that correspond with the last digit of each team's score wins the pot!

Choose a Winner

If your team wins, donate the score of the losing team; if your team loses, donate the score of the winning team.

Best Commercial Contest

Donate to enter, and have guests vote for their favorite ad during the Big Game (check online for advertiser list); winner gets a prize.

Hidden Almond

Guests donate to enter; hide one almond in one of the cake slices; guests that finds almond gets a prize.


Banned Word Jar:

Pick a word or phrase (like first-down); every time a guest says it, they donate $1.  Guests can pay $5 to ban other words instead.