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Awesome! Thank you for raising funds for Susan G. Komen. Please take a moment and register your offline fundraiser by clicking the button below. Registering your offline fundraiser will provide you the following benefits:

1 You will receive an email with tools and downloads for your fundraiser

2 Impact of your donations to Susan G. Komen

3 Submission form to send in with your donation checks. Please do not mail cash.

4 Susan G. Komen will be ready to receive and thank you for your donation.

Register your Offline Fundraiser:

*Offline fundraising = A fundraising event that mails in checks and does not use online fundraising resources.

Please note the benefits of creating an
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Your donors will have the option of making donations with their credit/debit cards.
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You will be eligible for our rewards program. Only online fundraisers are eligible for this program.

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