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How are my Donations Used

How will funds raised through Passionately Pink® be used?

Meet Marian Sparks: Breast Cancer Survivor and Komen Support

Meet Marian Sparks.  When Marian found a lump in her breast, she had no health insurance so even the cost of a mammogram was beyond her means.  Fortunately, a non-profit center – locally funded by a grant from Susan G. Komen® - was there to help.  The center was able to cover her diagnosis, biopsy and even Marian’s successful surgery.

When you host a Passionately Pink fundraiser, you are supporting Komen’s national work; Komen’s national work includes funding more breast cancer research than any other non-profit organization.  In fact, this year Komen is actively funding over $300 million in research across more than 500 grants at approximately 150 institutions.

Passionately Pink fundraisers are also helping tens of thousands of women just like Marian: uninsured or low-income women who need support through treatment, need free screenings or just need a helping hand through their diagnosis. Passionately Pink helps to support almost 2,000 community programs providing direct help to women in your neighborhood, and around the world. Passionately Pink fundraisers also helped Komen Affiliates make possible programs that help these women get the right treatments once they’re diagnosed, including surgeries. 


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Everyone at Susan G. Komen® thanks you for putting on your pink and powering up our progress in the fight against breast cancer!   Everyone who participates in Passionately Pink® is a true hero in this fight, helping fuel scientific research and community programs that will save lives.