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Toni Mountain Fund for Treatment Access


In 2014, I was honored by Komen with the creation of the Toni Mountain Fund for Treatment Access. The Fund provides financial support and access to breast cancer treatment for low income women and men in Oregon and SW Washington.

As the Survivor Programs Manager for Susan G. Komen for 9 years, I witnessed firsthand how many underserved women and men were confronted with financial barriers to cancer treatment, including lack of transportation to a treatment facility, lack of food and lodging during treatment, and a loss of income while undergoing treatment.

Your gift to the Toni Mountain Fund will assist those with the greatest need, to reduce mortality, and increase survival rates. Your gift will have a positive impact on our communities.

An Oregon healthcare professional recently observed: “When we tell patients, who are eligible, about the assistance available to them through the Toni Mountain Fund, you can immediately hear in their voices and see in their eyes the relief this program provides them.”

Please make a gift to the Toni Mountain Fund.

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