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I will donate one Breast MRI Guided Biopsy by the Orange County Komen Fund for Breast Health Care— the only safety-net-of-last-resort for the sole purpose of funding medically necessary breast cancer diagnostic procedures for uninsured low-income women and men who are symptomatic or at high risk for breast cancer. Includes one diagnostic mammogram and is allowed only after a 2nd look ultrasound cannot determine a diagnosis.

I will donate 1-week of a Komen-funded breast cancer Patient Navigator – this culturally sensitive health care worker helps people “navigate” through the maze of doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals, outpatient centers, insurance and payment systems, and more.

I am More than Pink with 5 screening mammograms for local women or men who need to know if they have breast cancer.

Be part of the 2018 Challenge to Be More Than Pink

I am giving the cost of one local mammogram funded by Komen Orange County.

I will help fund transportation to breast cancer screenings or treatment appointments

I will help provide breast health information for Orange County in 40 languages

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