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Every day in Orange County, 5 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and, and 1 woman will die from the disease...


With your help, we serve women all over Orange County just like Angkearoth…

Angkearoth was stunned to learn after her mammogram that, at age 39, she had Stage IV Triple Negative breast cancer.

She says in her broken English, after the diagnosis, “The tears would not come. My heart hurt. I thought, I don’t know how to do this. When I saw my Serinda, I knew I have to be strong.”

Angkearoth lives with her daughter and husband in Garden Grove.  And like many women we serve in Orange County, she is at higher risk for dying from breast cancer because of cultural and economic barriers that prevent access and completion of their treatment regimen. 

Would you please make your year-end gift right now? You can help us to focus on local women like Angkearoth, who need our careful support from pre-diagnosis through treatment to complete their breast cancer care?

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I will donate one breast MRI by the Orange County Komen Fund for Breast Health Care—the only safety net of last resort for the sole purpose of funding medically necessary breast cancer diagnostic procedures for uninsured low-income women and men who are symptomatic or at high risk for breast cancer.

I will donate 1-week of a Komen-funded breast cancer patient navigator–this culturally sensitive health care worker helps people “navigate” through the maze of doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals, outpatient centers, insurance and payment systems, and more.

I will donate five screening mammograms for local women or men who need to know if they have breast cancer.

I am giving the cost of two local mammograms funded by Komen Orange County.

I am giving the cost of one local mammogram funded by Komen Orange County.

I will help fund transportation to breast cancer screenings or treatment appointments.

I will help provide breast health information for Orange County in nine languages.

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